As a quick tour of our website will demonstrate, we love road journeys. This blog, Detours, is a place for us to share this enthusiasm and our experiences with you.

Our passion for discovering the world on four wheels begins with the amazing feeling of freedom one gets behind the wheel, and from the joy of answering that most tantalising question: Where do I want to go today?

On the Road in Inner Mongolia

On the Road in Inner Mongolia

The pleasure of a road trip goes beyond a feeling of freedom and a sense of possibility, however.

Whether your destination is a hard-to-get-to vineyard in the Dolomites or Mount Everest, Hoi An’s character-filled riverside or an exquisite Austrian restaurant, a well-planned driving holiday enables you to escape from the everyday, exchanging life’s highways for its more interesting byways.

Add to this serendipitous encounters enjoyed along the way and the pleasure of time spent with good friends and family, and you have a recipe for creating the special moments and fond memories that many of our guests take home from their journeys with us.

Hoi An River Front

Hoi An River Front

Travelling along the world’s back roads also yields endless inspiration – thoughts, ideas and questions, which we want to share with you in these pages. Detours of the mind, if you will…

We hope you enjoy reading!

The On the Road Team

What can you expect to read here on Detours?

Detours’ topics are far-ranging, but always connected to the joys of driving and travel. Our writing will embrace:

On our first driving trip in Sichuan

On our first driving trip in Sichuan

  • Beautiful roads and cars, as well as our take on hot topics in motoring
  • Our “hidden gems” – fascinating and unexpected destinations in the regions we know best
  • Stories from inspiring people encountered on the road
  • Stunning photography from far-flung places – from Tibet and Laos to the fringes of the European Alps

Inspiration from our travels – be it a thought that led to a “Eureka!” moment, or an experience that simply made us glad to be alive.

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